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Brand Avatar presents Art of Parenting a unique parenting conclave

Brand Avatar presents Art of Parenting a unique parenting conclave

Thyrocare in association with Brand Avatar presents Art of Parenting a unique parenting conclave on 10.00 am Sunday, 12th November 2017

Thyrocare in association with Brand Avatar presents Art of Parenting a unique parenting conclave on  10.00 am Sunday, 12th November 2017. Brand Avatar is a new start-up event and brand management firm that has its strength in brand and event management besides creating new properties. After the huge success of HOMEPRENEUR AWARDS, an event which recognized 50 women pursuing business from home besides providing investment opportunities to many. Brand Avatar’s new initiative is Art of Parenting, a unique impact event created to address the challenges of parenting.

THYROCARE is the title sponsor for the event while SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY will be the powered by sponsor. Art of Parenting is a Brand Avatar’s initiative sponsored by Mr .Velumani, the inspirational CEO of Thyrocare to establish a forum/event and bring the focus on parenting. The initiative is also supported by Ms Maria Zeena Pro-Chancellor Sathyabama University. The issue of parenting and the discussion on parenting, what makes good parents, what it take for parents to bring the best out of their children and many other questions were long discussed but changing times needs a change in strategy.

Mr Velumani, CEO of THYROCARE said “The purpose is not draw a straight line and say this is how parenting should be done, on the contrary, Art Of Parenting will seek to widen your horizons, clarify many misconceptions and doubts that parents will have. My life has thought me my invaluable lessons which i seek to share on the day of the event to benefit the present day parents who will shape the minds of the future of our country i.e their children”.

The new digital age where men and women are free to pursue their passion and ambition has thrown new opportunities and challenges. Among the biggest challenges are, Children being at the receiving end of pampering due to rapid addition of wealth and the diminishing family time. Under these circumstances, there is an urgent need for parents to get clarity on the issue of parenting, certain guidelines and certain strict NO’s that can serve as a guidance for parents in upbringing of their children.

On this note, we have Art Of Parenting on November 12th 2017 10:00 am at Lady Aandal Auditorium to illuminate parents on how they can be better parents,on how they can handle situations pertaining to parenting, how they can manage the challenges and situations arising etc. The event will comprise of discussion & debates (pattimandram), speeches by esteemed personalities, and entertaining and moving Mrs Maria Zeena Johnson, Managing Director of Sathyabama University said “Timing of the initiative could not have been better as Parenting has become all the more challenging, i am sure this event will be a good guidance and eye opener. I am certain there is a lot to gain for parents and about to be parents.”


The highlights of the event will be

  1. a) To recognize 5 parents who have brought the best of their children.
  2. b) Inspirational Speech by Mr. Velumani CEO of Thyrocare
  3. c) A debate moderated by Mrs Deepa Athreya between two teams containing children and

parents, Founder of School of Success & adjudicated by Dr. Maria Zeena Johnson,Managing Director of Sathyabama University.

  1. c) An interview with parents from different walks of life to illuminate the signs and symbols of good parenting and otherwise
  2. d) A short entertaining play or a standup comedy to highlight the message of parenting Mr Hemachandran CEO of BRAND AVATAR said “We are excited to have created and execute this unique initiative. The feedback i have received so far has been nothing short of overwhelming with many parents calling me and saying its a much needed initiative in

changing times. I am also deeply indebted to our sponsors Mr Velumani and Mrs Maria Zeena to have readily agreed to lend their hands in this personal impact event.” 

Registration is open online on www.artofparent.com/register

Venue of Event – Sri mutha venkatasubba rao concert hall, Lady Andal School  

(Creche facilities will be provided for parents who will come with their kids)

Date – 12th November 2017

Time: 10.00 am

​Hema Malini and Ishte present ‘SYNERGY 2017’, an International Cultural Festival at Jeppiar Engineering College

Hema Malini and Ishte present ‘SYNERGY 2017’, an International Cultural Festival at Jeppiar Engineering College

Hemamalini promotes cultural collaboration through dance

Actress Hema Malini was in Chennai to launch ‘SYNERGY’, an international cultural festival showcasing a unique confluence of Georgian Dance Ballet ‘Sukhishvili’ and various Indian dance forms.

Evergreen and the only Superstar amongst actresses for the longest time, Hema Malini is considered the unofficial ‘cultural’ ambassador for India as she made it her mission to propagate India’s diverse culture to the world.

Hema Malini formed JAYA SMRITI in 2006, an initiative which serves as a platform for aspiring young artistes in the field of Dance and Music from all across India, an event staged every year as a tribute by her in memory of her mother, Mrs. Jaya Chakravarti. With a vision of broadening the horizons of JAYA SMRITI and to promote friendship between India and other countries based on art and culture, Hema Malini envisaged ‘SYNERGY’ – An International Cultural Festival, a global platform for different cultures to come together in the spirit of solidarity.

In association with Ishte (Event Partner for Chennai) and Jeppiaar Engineering College (Title Sponsor), Hema Malini’s ‘SYNERGY’ 2017 will be a cultural Odyssey that will expose the world to two ancient cultures, India & Georgia, giving a platform to showcase their talent, a unique confluence of Georgian Dance Ballet ‘Sukhishvili’ and various Indian dance forms. The festival, under the auspices of JAYASMRITI, will highlight the repertoire, cultural richness & fearlessness of Georgian dancers at a different magnitude, and level with the grace and timelessness of Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Pung Cholom. She believes that dance and music really enhances the inner self and outer self in a positive way. India has such beautiful traditions, she would like the youth to participate in nation building and extend support to PM Narendra Modi’s vision of making India a cultural super power through yoga & performing arts.

Supported by Ministry of Culture, Government of India, this year the ‘SYNERGY’ festival of Indo-Georgian Dance Fusion will travel to 4 major cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai and will be graced by dignitaries, celebrities and various art connoisseurs from across the country.


The grand event will be held in Chennai on 17th September 2017 at Lady Andal School, Chetpet.


Hema Malini happily enlightens “Our dances are of two types, classical and folk based on Natyasastra (Science of dance) and Abhinaya Darpana (a mirror of gestures) which are derived from the rich treasure trove of mythology, classical literature and legends. This year we are proud to associate with another rich ancient culture of GEORGIA, to create a fusion, a SYNERGY. We intend to grow every year under JAYASMRITI, and have such wonderful collaborations with different countries. India is so culturally rich, a golden bowl of culture and heritage and I want to safe guard our culture, and spread it across the world”

Nino Sukhishvilli, one of the founders of the Georgian National Ballet ‘Sukhishvili’ says, “It was our pleasure to perform again in India. It was 55 years ago in 1962 we came to India to perform and then the Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru saw us performing on stage! Later he came to meet and greet us and congratulate us for the performance. My big respect to Hema Malini who visited Georgia, after watching our rehearsal she decided to invite us to India again. I think culture exchange is very important to our country and we will be very happy to present our culture to Indian audience,”

Reema Thakkar Tiwari, founder, Ishte says, “We are delighted to host SYNERGY in our namma Chennai where art and culture is the life of us. We also thank Hema Malini for planning this event for amazing dancers from our country as well as Georgia and giving them this platform to showcase their talent”

Starting 2017, SYNERGY will continue to collaborate and create events that will become milestones towards friendship, mutual understanding and respect between the participating countries.