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Minnie Menon’s pre-festive jewellery collection, ‘Song of the Pearl’ launched with a Fashion show at Hyatt Regency

Minnie Menon’s pre-festive jewellery collection, ‘Song of the Pearl’ launched with a Fashion show at Hyatt Regency

Minnie Menon launched ‘Song of the Pearl’, her latest collection of limited edition of jewellery as the pre-festive collection on 21st September 2017. A fashion show with some top models choreographed by Karun Raman was a part of the launch event which happened at Hyatt Regency.


Menon Jewellery’s pre-diwali collection is a very unique festive rendering. For starters, it was not a riot of colour as one would expect at this time of the year. “I succumbed to the beauty of the best loved gem of all time… the Pearl.  For me and many others, the pearl symbolizes love, success and happiness” said Minnie.

‘Song of the Pearl’ as this limited collection is titled, combines flair and tradition.

“The pearl appeals to women of all ages. From a youthful 16 year old to an 80 year old Dowager Queen. One can never go wrong with pearls asserts Minnie. It can dress up any kind of attire .My favourite gems and beads always have a lyrical quality & they call out to me. And these pearls no less “. This melodious collection is centred around this classic, evergreen favourite.

Whether fresh water or cultured, in lustrous white or blushing pink, pearls are a joy to behold. When adorned they make a women’s spirit soar… with the elegance, grace and beauty that they bestow on the wearer.

I believe pearls are slowly becoming like diamonds … a girl’s best friend

This is the 20th anniversary of the late Princess Diana’s passing. UK’s best loved Princess. She made the classic pearl choker a signature piece, when she flaunted it with her ethereal beauty at concerts and Royal soirees. Some of her creations have inspired me in this collection .Of course since it is a pre Diwali one, colour is imperative so there are my all-time favourites and some new creations all in a riot of colours. Range included necklaces, earrings, hand cuffs, cocktail rings and men’s cuff links

Minnie Menon Jewelry’s exhibition and sale was on at Mehta Jewellery

Dates: September 22 – 25 Sept 2017

Address: Mehta Jewellery
43, CP Ramaswamy Road,
Chennai – 600018

Contact no: 24662665/ 67

Time: From 11 am to 7 pm