September 18, 2020

Lime Soda A Unique Fun Pop up Trunk Show

Lime Soda A Unique Fun Pop up Trunk Show

Lime Soda A Unique Fun Pop up Trunk Show featuring Personalized Gifts and more for this Diwali season

Lime Soda is different from the other pop-ups as we are not necessarily following the rule book. Yes as the name suggests we do want the vendors who have associated with us to showcase their merchandise like a true pop-up store; but care as been taken for our external stakeholders (customers) who will benefit from this pop-up.


We are trying to create a unique experience unlike just another exhibition which they can visit and shop. We have tied up with a leading cab service so the customer who ride with the service provider gets a better deal than otherwise, we have tied up with The English tea room itself to work upon a combo lunch offer as we feel our customers might have had a rushed morning or might have travelled long distance to visit us and the least we can do is get them a great mix of shopping and food at very affordable rates.


Hence our focus is on all the stakeholders equally.


Every show will have a theme ,this time it is English florals. Frankly we don’t know why we zeroed down upon this theme. I think it just felt so fresh and right that we – myself and my team instantly agreed upon. Luckily for us it also goes with the theme of the venue that we have hired. We have Crafty Art doing up the décor according to the theme.
Before I curated the show, I visited lots of pop ups and got feedback from both the customers who visited and the vendors who exhibited. We have worked on products not being overlapped since this is a single pop up shop, which will have only one vendor in each category, thereby complementing each other never competing with each other. Meanwhile catering to all the categories a customer will look for.


Hence this will not be a show concentrating only on clothing . We will have a mix of Designer wear, Designer fine jewellery, Indo western wear , Indian Wear, Western wear, Kids clothing , Personalised gifting, trousseau, diyas , Shoes,Accessories,Bags, Home Décor, handmade products ,cakes and much more! There is a belief that pop up shops are not affordable. We will be breaking this stereotype both for vendors and customers.


We have Vinni of  Achint Jewellery from Delhi and Aditya of  creative Hub also from Delhi. We have Shivani from Avec Amour who will be doing personalized gifting for Diwali. We will have monk story who will have eco-friendly hand-crafted accessories for men.


We have city based Bandana Narula unveiling her Diwali collection as well.


The show as such will stand out from usual pop-ups and I am excited about working on the whole experience. We have ensured that we carefully pick and choose the merchandise mix. So there is heavy Indian wear by ace designer Bandana Narula will be unveiling her Diwali Collection at Lime Soda apt for the Diwali season that is coming up. Then we have the Indo western range by tadka where western outfits are churned out of Indian fabric. Then we have Aditya from Creative Hub who is specialising in Shibori outfits.  We have a range of  trendy western wear from Summer Rain in fabrics like chiffon and georgette . We have kids clothing in organic fabrics like block printed cottons from Adorable Little Things.


To complement and complete the look we have jewellery from precious (Achint jewellery) to fashion jewellery(Mahatriya). And we also have eco friendly swanky accessories for men  from Monk Story by Abhinandan Jain. We have home décor,shoes and bags by Little Lavish . Diwali themed corporate and quirky  by ‘Gifted’ .  So yes in a sense is a complete range that we have tried to offer.

This being a pre Diwali show, We have Personalised gifting from Avec Amour by Shivani and Trousseau by Occasions. We also have packaged food by Gulabs and Cakes by “I can bake”. Lastly to add more bling to your Diwali , we have handcrafted Diyas as well. Chennai’s fashion trends are surely evolving by the day. It is in Fashion forward mode. We see a lot more people experimenting with styles, accessories ,weaves and fabric. People are more conscious now about their sense of dressing being apt for occasions. Also, with destination and pre wedding events, baby showers , maternity clothing , bachelorettes and Halloween trends catching up, People have more opportunities to dress up differently for occasions thereby experimenting.


And what better way to shop than pop-ups apart from the traditional malls and boutiques in the city to ensure you stand out .


Each show will be curated and created differently. So shoppers can expect a different wholesome experience each time. We are working to ensure our show will not be one of the pop-ups you walked in , picked up a dress/accessory and left. It will be an experience you will remember for a long time to come! And you will look forward to a better show next time. And this helps me play with my creativity each time to ensure the experience is different.


The next show is scheduled for December 16th and 17th   . But other details will be out post the first edition.Lime Soda pop-up as a whole is different , like we mentioned the merchandise mix, the look and feel and the benefits for the shoppers. We also have goodie bags as give-always and a pop-up photo booth. This mainly to add that zest to n already beaming show. And people can look to come with friends ,shop and then head for a quick bite from the exciting and specially curated pop-up menu for the two days at The English Tea Room Café!
We have products starting from Rs.150 onwards! And we will have something for everyone!


About Lime Soda


Popup retail, also known as popup store or flash retailing, is a trend of opening short-term sales spaces.

It is the temporary use of physical space to create a long term, lasting impression with potential customers.


Every edition will have a theme and provide a different shopping experience when compared to the usual mall shopping experience. It is more personalized.

For begginners or for those who sell online, pop up shops help bridge the online offline gap and provide the much needed physical platform for display of products.


This pop-up holds onto the actual concept in the true sense as we give an opportunity for our associates to display their products and merchandise in the best possible way; by not restricting them to standard spaces. If we feel that the products need more space then we do provide the same and don’t stick to rigid rules.

The amount of spend on marketing is high as we want our associates to benefit and generate as many walk-in’s as possible. We’ve also taken a keen interest in the look and feel of the place – We have a theme , we have a team of people who are taking care of the decoration and the complete look and feel of the space is going to be subtle yet inviting.

We have a photo booth and a contest around it – this we assume will attract most women as its a trend that is a big hit across all age groups.


The number of shoppers/potential customers at pop ups are usually more than the traditional boutiques.


With Chennai becoming fashion conscious , pop ups are here to stay!


Lime Soda


Aims at bringing upcoming designers, makers, craftamen to potential customers . We want to make fashion affordable to everyone so we have a varied range of designers showcase their products. Not limited to clothing, we have food,home décor, crafts, jewellery,bags,shoes and much more!Each edition will be entirely different.


We want to break the belief that pop ups are only for the upmarket society. We have products in every range.


October is the perfect time for a pop up since people are all pepped up about the coming festive season and the wedding season.


Soundariya K Anil  


An engineering graduate who worked in IT corporate realized it wasn’t her calling did her entrepreneurial program from IIM,Bangalore and got into her family business of Spas. But with every travel, retailing fascinated her. Launching their first home décor/artefacts/curios and all things different boutique “Little Lavish” in the city only took her interest a step further. Unless it was her family support ,the boutique would have remained a dream for a beginner. Wanting to support fellow women enterpreneurs,emerging designers and supporting talent thus venturing into retailing further , she thought pop up shops are here to stay . And Lime Soda was born.


The first edition is a pre Diwali  theme based and will have products of varied categories ranging from Indo western clothing(tadka) , Western clothing (summer rain) , Personalised Gifts and packing (Avec Amour),Diyas (Radhika) , Cakes and more (I can bake) , Packaged Food(Gulabs), Jewellery (Mahatriya), Handmade soaps and scrubs (Aromas Forever), Home Décor (Little Lavish) , Trousseau (Ocassions) , Organic clothing for kids(Adorable Little Things),May by Shiwani (Indian wear) and more…