Komaali Kings New Movie Stills & News & Trailer

Komaali Kings New Movie Stills & News & Trailer

Komaali Kings New Movie Stills & News & Trailer (3)



Komaali Kings

Tamil cinema growth in Sri Lanka has been growing on par with Tamil cine industry. However, due to some external factors, it could not grow as much as our Tamil cine industry. Nevertheless, like the proverbial phoenix rising out of its ashes, the new full-featured comedy movie “Komaali Kings” is set to break that hiatus and put the spotlight on Tamil cinema growth in Sri Lanka.

The crew at “Komaal Kings” have just one aim – to entertain the world with their wholesome movies and thereby earn a niche for Sri Lankan Tamil cine field in the world’s screening arena. Director King Ratnam has made this movie from the following areas, Yaaazhpaanam, Maddak Kalappu (Batticaloa), Malayagam, and Colombo, where a majority of Tamil people reside. King Ratnam has made numerous advertisements, documentaries, short movies, and research based movies before making this full-fledged entertainment flick. “Komaali Kings” is King Ratnam’s first full-length movie and it incorporates the 5 different dialects of Tamil being spoken in various parts of Sri Lanka. The cast of “Komaali Kings” is star studded. Veteran actors like Raja Ganesan who was awarded the Kalaabhushan recently; Darshan Dharmaraj, who was awarded the best actor of 2014; Niranjani Shanmugapriya, Gajan Kanesshan of Pravegaya fame, and the Sri Lankan TV famed Sathya Priya shine in various roles in this side-splitting flick. Srilankan famous cinematographer Maiya is ensuring that viewers get a visual treat along with Angela Jones who has had extensive eexperience in Indian and Sri Lankan films. If visuals aren’t enough, Sriram Sachchin is set to delight the audiophiles with his melodies. With King Ratnam acting in a special role along with directing “Komaali Kings,” the film is nearing completing and set to roll on the screens real soon.

“Komaali Kings” is produced by ‘Picture This’ team who have a lot of production to their credit. Eswaran Brothers group’s co-leader Shri. Ganesh Deivanayagam, Aarogya International group’s leader Smt. Dharani and Ceylon Theaters group’s leader Sri. Selvakanthan spearhead ‘Picture This.’ Also, star announcer, famed actor, and radio commentator B. H. Abdul Hameedh has helped co-ordinate this movie. The movie revolves around a theme where the protagonist feels, “My life is so vapid and uninteresting. How nice it would be if someone were to kidnap me?!” According to the crew, “Komaali Kings” is set to rock the entertainment world by end of 2016. Watch out folks. Entertainment Guaranteed!