Endha Nerathilum Movie Review

Endha Nerathilum Movie Review




Cast: Ramakrishnan, Leema Babu, Sandra Emi, Yashmith

Direction: R.Muthukumar

The entire story is set in Ooty.  Rex (Ramakrishnan) returns to his family, which comprises of his dad, elder sister Jennifer (Sandra Emi) and her husband David (Yashmith) and their only little daughter. Rex meets Bharathi (Leema Babu) and it was love at first sight for him. After few initial mix-ups, Bharathi also reciprocates. When Rex takes Bharathi to introduce her to his family members, they are in for a shock.  While Bharathi is upset that no one from Rex’s family bothered to even smile at her, leave alone accepting their love, the latter is confused on the indifferent attitude of his family.

Meanwhile, no sooner they leave after Bharathi visits them, David and his father-in-law die in an accident.  A depressed Jennifer along with her daughter and Rex shifts to their bungalow in Kothagiri where they lived earlier. All hell breaks loose when Jennifer starts experiencing supernatural things. Her past misdeeds catch up with her where her daughter is possessed by a spirit.  The rest of the horror movie is about who’s the ghost and why does it haunt Jennifer, and whether Rex and Bharathi unite in the end.

Ramakrishnan has given a natural performance be it in emotional scenes or in romantic segments. Leema looks pretty and her character is the turning point in the movie. Given a solid role, Sandra in a character with negative shades proves her versatility and we wish to see her in more films. Yashmith, though has a limited scope does a clean work. Singam Puli’s comedy is clichéd. Child artiste Vijitha as the possessed has given her best.  Though the director has deviated from the usual horror films in terms of story, the reason behind Jennifer’s act is not strong. She could have easily opted for an alternative option to keep away the enemy. Also, the narration could have been tighter. Saalai Sahdevan’s camera work captures the cool and green Ooty and pleases the eyes. Music is just about adequate.