August 10, 2020

Dr, K V Thiruvengadam Oration Event News

Dr, K V Thiruvengadam Oration Event News

Dr, K V Thiruvengadam Oration – Press Note
Date – 10th October 2015 – Venue – Kurunji Hall Saveetha Medical College and Hospital, Thandalam

Dr. K.V. Thiruvengadam oration was initially started as an endowment oration by the old students of Prof. K.V. Thiruvengadam that was being organised by the Department of Medicine of Madras Medical College for around ten years. This year Saveetha Medical College as part of its tradition to promote academic excellence and research, organised the Padmashri Dr. K V Thiruvengadam Oration within its premises bordering the birthday of Prof. K. V. Thiruvengadam, the doyen and legend of Medicine.

Prof. Chitra introduced Padmashri Prof. K V. Thiruvengadam as the teacher of all teachers who was teaching for more than 56 years. A man with high ideals, ethics and principles and untiring service to poor are qualities scarce amongst the current medical profession, “A Good Doctor Treats the Disease but a Great Doctor Treats the patient” describes Dr.K.V Thruvengadam’s service motto. According to Prof. KVT as he is fondly called, it is obligatory for a teacher to teach the next generation of students all one learns and experiences as a teacher as these are not present in text books. Prof. K V Thiruvengadam was the recipient of several awards including the B.C. Roy award for Eminent Teachers, the Life time achievements awards by Dr. MGR University and others, Aram Award and The Legend in Medicine from Krishna Sweets.

This year the Prof. K V Thiruvengadam oration was delivered by the Director and Vice Chancellor of the prestigious National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore Prof. Satishchandra on a topic titled Translational Research in Epilepsy. Dr. Ramachandran from the Department of Neurology introduced Prof. Satishchandra as an excellent researcher and a nationalist with many firsts who has brought in many changes within NIMHANS that has benefitted the patient, the speciality (Neurology), the Institution and the Country as a whole in patient care and Neurosciences research.

Prof. Satishchandra in his oration brought out the importance of seizures or fits in the national context and highlighted the various findings in contrast to the western world. Fits are common events in the community affecting up to 2% of the population. Epilepsy is a condition of having recurrent fits. AS per Indian studies around 50% of patients may spontaneously get over their seizure after their first seizures. However medicines are important for control of seizures in many.

Unfortunately even in areas of high literacy like Kerala, up to 60% of patients are not on treatment for various reasons including absence of diagnosis of seizures, doctors not being clear about how to manage seizures and for local mis-beliefs with regards to medicines used. Also when fits become prolonged in duration (Status Epilepticus) it could potentially cause death and therefore the identification of this condition was important. Studies have shown that in India patients with Status come to hospitals late on an average 25 hours after prolonged seizures and occasionally even up to 8 days after continuous seizures in contrast to 10 hours in the western world..

As such he stressed upon the importance of community oriented data surveys followed by specific research to understand mechanisms and reasons for various issues for treating patients better. He also discussed in detail specific types of seizures that is common in the Tamil nadu-Karnataka region which gets provoked when susceptible patients have head-bath with hot water (Hot water epilepsy). Researchers in India and at NIMHANS have systematically studied this condition and identified genes for its cause and developed effective treatment protocols for its management. Prof. Satishchandra also highlighted important advances like portable EEG for diagnosis and Magneto-encephalography to identify focus of seizures and development of indigenous electrodes for intra-operative EEG.

Earlier welcoming the audience Dr. Saveetha, the Medical Director of Saveetha Medical College introduced the august guests, and spoke about the Medical College and University that strives to create doctors trained to highest levels of competence, committed to excellence, guided by professional ethics who are ready to serve and lead the world tomorrow. She highlighted how greatness could not be achieved in a day, but required a sense of greater purpose, willingness to sacrifice the little comforts, courage to follow principles, and perseverance to achieve.. Incidentally Saveetha Medical College is the only private medical college that has a completely transparent admission policy which is purely based on merit and marks in the entrance exams conducted by an external agency.

The program was presided by the Chancellor of the Saveetha University Dr. Veeraiyan. In his address the Chancellor emphasized the importance of following role models like Prof. K V Thiruvengadam who was an embodiment of ethical practices. The Chancellor presented the Padmashri Prof. K. V.Thiruvengadam Oration Medal and memento to Prof. Satishchandra
Prof. KV Thiruvengadam in his address cautioned the student of unnecessary investigations and highlighted the importance of developing clinical acumen and clinically guided essential investigation in the interest of affordable healthcare. He emphasised that students should think twice before ordering the test. Only those tests should be ordered that would significantly contribute to the diagnosis or the treatment.

Dr. Zaheer Ahmed Sayeed, the senior consultant Neurologist of Chennai facilitated Prof. K V Thiruvengadam and applauded his clinical skills and lateral thinking in managing patients.
Dr. Bashir, Senior Consultant at Apollo Hospitals and a student of Prof. KVT, one of the persons instrumental in organising the Prof. Dr. K. V. Thiruvengadam Endowment oration at Madras Medical College facilitated Prof KVT with a bouquet. Also present in meeting were family members and old students of Prof KVT, including Prof. Rajendran, the former Director of Department of Internal Medicine of Madras Medical College. The Dean of Saveetha Medical College Dr. Gunasagaran conducted the function professionally and the Head of Department of Medicine Prof. Rajendran proposed the vote of thanks.

The Department of Neurology is currently planning an ambitious project titled CHURNS – Chennai Urban Rural Neuro-epidemiology Survey to identify potential neurological problems including fits within the population of fifty thousand individuals and plans to provide treatment and follow up for persons enrolled.
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